Bravo Farms Western Sage Cheddar

California Sage Chedder

California Sage Cheddar from Bravo Farms gets an A+

Bravo Farms Western Sage Chedder

This is a mild chedder with a distinct taste of fresh sage. Excellent for snack trays or with a sweet white wine.

Bravo Farms also produces:
  • Silver mountain Aged Cloth bound Chedder
  • Creamy pepperjack
  • Jalepno Chedder
  • Original Chipotle Chedder (major Grubbing’s personal favorite from Bravo Farms)
  • Western Sage Chedder (May be the same as California Sage Chedder since Major Grubbing tried a sampler pack from Costco)
  • Premium White chedder
  • Swiss Raclette
  • Dutch Style Gouda
  • Talre Cannonball

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